The Holler is Set to Open in 8th Street Market, Bringing Bentonville a Local Hangout

The Holler is Set to Open in 8th Street Market, Bringing Bentonville a Local Hangout

The Holler: A Local Hangout is opening in 8th Street Market on Saturday, July 21.

The 10,000 square foot space is ideal for anything, with a casual creativity that invites Bentonville residents to eat, drink, play and more. With an ever-evolving menu, shuffleboard courts, local art and a performance space, The Holler makes expression easy. For those involved with The Holler since the beginning, the Ozark influence is on clear display.

“The Holler is going to be an experiential community space,” said Chris Law, the general manager of The Holler. “Built around extraordinary food and inspired by the natural beauty of the Ozarks, we’re making it easy to live in the moment.”

Food and Drink

The Holler will be home to several culinary firsts in Bentonville. A Half and Half Burger, Mac N ’Cheese Burger, Kimchi Burger and The Impossible Burger, a meatless vegan patty —providing awesome flavor and sustainability.

The Holler is going to feature drink options patrons will find fitting from morning well into the evening.  A selection of coffees will round out the a.m. options, while The Holler will also house a full bar, featuring local beers, specialty batch cocktails and more.


The Holler houses three shuffleboard courts that make up the social center of the restaurant.  Hand-painted by Bentonville-based artist Graham Edwards using around 40 rolls of industrial tape, the courts are not only a space for fun, community and friendly competition, but for supporting local artists, too.

Work Away from Work

The Holler features specially-designed work spaces, perfect for a morning spent writing, designing, researching, making pivot tables or engaging directly with coworkers and partners.

The design of the spaces—which feature recessed seating options, central tables, and enough outlets to power all 3.5 digital devices of everyone on your team—are set to make The Holler your de-facto office away from the office.

The Time Has Come

The grand opening will feature all the new and inviting options set to make The Holler excellent: Friends, food, cold beer, good drinks, live music and several games of shuffleboard.

The opening of the space is another move toward the mission of the 8th Street Market, which focuses on building community and inclusivity through shared culinary and social experiences.  The Holler: A Local Hangout, represents that mission in every sense.

Whether you walk through its doors for work, play, or some combination thereof, one thing is certain: Your experience will be bound by community, influenced by extraordinary food, and uniquely your own.